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Manufacturing and sales have ceased.



CALL START GSM is developed for remote control of electrical equipment in vehicles and marine installations who can be reached by the GSM net in Sweden and abroad.

In Sweden the unit can be used together with cash card or with subscription. Abroad the demands varies. In Sweden there are no demands of registration .

Areas for use are for example controlling of heaters for cars, vehicles for road maintenance, timber machines, caravans, boats and so on.

It is possible to get information of actual status as, temperature, power supply, active functions etc. SMS (alarm) can be sent when temperature is below + 5°c, low battery voltage, less than 11 or 22 volts  and external alarm function like, detector from door, movement or similar.

Communication with the CS GSM is done by  "voice call" which means you will be guided through the call (menu's and commands) by a voice.

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